Our Mission

Our goal is to meet consumer needs by striving to be one of the most reliable suppliers in the market based on a process of continuous improvement.


Our commitments are to:


1. Provide quality products;

2. Deliver consistent quality of service to our customers;

3. Protect our stakeholders’ interests;

3. Enhance our relationship with our co-workers;

4. Strictly respect the terms agreed with the suppliers;

5. Honor our obligations tothe State;

6. Manage our business with the objective of serving the community;

7. Minimize environmental impact.


1. Transcendent view of the individual.

2. Man as the centre of economic activity.

3. Nature and the environment as areas for the development of life.

4. Respect for legal and institutional regulations.

5. Work as the basis of individual and social development.

6. Social solidarity.

7. Transparent decisions and procedures.

8. Efficient resource management.